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nyoochun said: Hello there! I have made a new fb page called "One ok rock Toronto fan project" specifically for ppl who are attending the Toronto show so that i can meet with them all and get them to sign the banner. we want to give all the fans a chance to write their message. You can like both pages (one ok rock canada & one ok rock toronto fan project), but this one is specific. More details will be given on the actual fan project later. The FB page is "One ok rock Toronto fan project" Thanks! :D

Thank you nyoochun! ☻

So, fans planning to attend the Toronto concert, all of the information will be on the Facebook pages, so please check out and click “Like” to keep up: One Ok Rock Canada and One Ok Rock Toronto fan project.

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1 month ago

Anonymous said: what does taka mean by that day?what happend 3 years ago?

3 years ago on March 11 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit the east side of the Tohoku area in Japan. It was the biggest earthquake we ever experienced in Japan. There were many, many aftershocks that followed as well. Around 15000 people died, 3000 missing and 8000 injured. Even though 3 years have passed, people are still trying to recuperate their lives, and help is still needed.

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1 month ago

2014.03.11 ★ 3.11

3 years have passed since that day! We can imagine that there’s a great amount of things that haven’t been resolved until this very day!
There’s no doubt that our ways of living and our ways of thinking have changed since that day, and we will not forget the incident that happened on that day for the rest of our lives,
we hope that another incident like that will never happen again in this world, and we sincerely wish for the world to be peaceful.


1 month ago
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Vans Warped Europe 2014--Let's Vote for ONE OK ROCK!


Hey guys! Am posting this on behalf of oor-stalker who would love to see OOR take part in the Vans Warped Tour Europe 2014! So please take just a few seconds to fill out this form and vote for ONE OK ROCK! Link for form is above, as well as here. Thank you!!!

1 month ago
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Hi everyone! ☻ I was just wondering, are any of you planning to attend ONE OK ROCK’s live in Toronto on May 14? Please let me know!
1 month ago
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