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※ 注意:一般のファンブログです。

2014.06.28 ★ Warped Tour

Lately, I feel like my vision is often dimmed.
I usually have low blood pressure. Tomoya.

It took me a while to update!
Everyone, it’s been a long time.

Speaking of us, since a little while ago, we started the Warped Tour,
we’re spending every day while living in our bus and suntanning day after day.

There were some days that were quite hard on us physically but, right now we’re enjoying it to the fullest.

Arrive by bus→Wake up→
Find out what time we play (We don’t know until the day of! How thrilling is that!)→
Play the live→Transportation by bus↑

It’s like that!
It’s outdoors so, every day feels like a festival.
There are a lot of stages too. There are different kinds of food carts too.

We went to watch different bands, we did BBQ at night all together, we’re fully enjoying things other than the lives. And, more than all, it becomes my motivation.

There are a lot of cool bands, and cool dummers.
I’ve gotta work harder!

We’ve passed the Warped Tour’s turning point and, today was my birthday.
On the 27th, I’m 27 years old.
Apparently this day is called a golden birthday even within all birthdays.
I’m thankful to everyone. Thank you.
May this year be a golden year!

See you, see you!!

2 months ago
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2011.12.28 ★ Been a while!

Hello~ Wonder if you’re all doing well?
This year is almost coming to an end!
A certain person told me that I wasn’t writing in the blog at all so, I’m writing it because I just remembered now (´∀`)
Thank you for reminding me, Yukkii o(^∇^o)(o^∇^)o

It doesn’t seem like I’ll have time to write in detail this year except for today so,
it looks like this will actually become the best blog entry of the year!

A lot of things happened this year.

Personally, a lot of happy things and sad things happened too,
I believe that the world also experienced a lot of happy things and sad things this year too.
During this whole year I was personally, in a good way, able to grow again even more,
I feel like it was a year where I seriously thought that, after all, when people experience something, they become strong at first, then they grow bigger!

That’s exactly why, next year I’ll challenge myself even more with different things, experience different things,
as a person and as a band member,
I’ll do my best to live an even more fun life (^O^)

For the people that took care of me this year,
and the people that stuck to ONE OK ROCK„
and then for everyone around the world, I wish that next year will be a really great year for you. Let’s all do our best!

At this point, we have 2 lives left!
I’ll put in all my spirit and make sure that I have no regrets!
Please take care of ONE OK ROCK next year as well!


3 months ago
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2009.10.22 ★ Sendai

Today was really fun!

Sendai is too hot.
If it were a little hotter, I’d probably lose consciousness.

Tomorrow will be our first time in Aomori.
Totally looking forward to it!
Enjoy the live with us, and let’s get real crazy.

That’s all.

Good night


3 months ago
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2009.09.19 ★ Nagasaki→Okayama

Good morning!

Nagasaki was hot!

There were occasional incidents (lol) but I feel like we were able to become one!

To everyone that came, thank you!

Our Kyushu series was extremely fun too!

I love Kyushu!

I also love the Megane Bridge! [* Meganebashi in Nagasaki]

And yesterday’s dinner.

It looks like this is pasta but, you know…

It’s huge!!

It’s HUGE!! (lol)

When we were trying to eat this… it was already like a sport.

Well, well, we’re heading to Okayama from today! (゜-゜)

I want to eat kibidango [* millet dumplings] (゜-゜)

See ya, see ya!


3 months ago
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minh-hoa said: Hi :D i want to request 3 entries on 19th Sep 2009, 22nd Oct 2009 (by Ryota) and 28th Dec 2011 please. Thank you :D

Hello! Thank you for your request (^ ^) I’ll translate these entries right away and set them to post through the queue, so please check back soon!☆

If anyone has requests too, please send them to my ask box♪

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3 months ago

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